Interesting Facts About Pakistan

Interesting Facts About Pakistan

The full form of Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is the only country made in the world in the name of its religion. It got separated from India in 1947. And since its existence is a miracle for all. Under such struggles to prove itself to the world, Pakistan has made much progress. Some of these achievements or interesting facts about Pakistan are mentioned below. So stay stick to the article.

Ten interesting facts about Pakistan

The irrigation channel started developing 150 years ago. However, since the Indus water treaty between Pakistan and India, it has become a major source of income in Pakistan. 90% of Pakistan’s food production depends on the Indus water.

It is an eye-capturing place where unique wild free-style polo is played between various teams. Shandur is known as the Roof of The World, where all the Himalayan peaks meet. It is the highest polo ground with a height of 3,738 meters above ground.

Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power country in the world. It is honored as the seventh country to publicly test a nuclear weapon. Pakistan currently has six nuclear operating power plants. Pakistan is also known for helping North Korea and Iran in developing their nuclear programs.

The world’s oldest and largest civilization, Indus Valley Civilization, flourished in Pakistan. It is also called Harappan civilization by the earliest known urban culture in the Indian subcontinent. According to archaeologists, the civilization is approximately 8,000 years old. Since it is located on the bank of the Indus river, it might be destroyed by the flood.

Its reservoirs occupy around 37 square kilometers of area. It is the world’s fifth-largest structure by volume. Its major function was to control floods from destroying the neighboring farming villages.

The world’s largest salt mine, Khewra Mine, is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is famous for its pink khewra salt. The mine was discovered by Alexander the Great. However, salt trading started in the Mughal era. The experts recommend pink salt as the healthiest salt you can consume. Apparently, it’s the main reason for its popularity.

The sports manufacturing industry in Sialkot, Pakistan is the world’s largest producer of hand-sewed footballs. Around 40 million footballs are made here every year. Even the FIFA World cup footballs are also manufactured in Sialkot, Pakistan.

It is located southwest of the Arabian sea along the coastline of Balochistan, Pakistan. It has strategic importance due to its location and world-class docking facilities.

Pakistan’s “Edhi Foundation” runs the largest private volunteer ambulance service. The service includes 2 aircraft, 1 helicopter, and 5,000 private ambulance vans. It is a free-of-cost public welfare service available 24/7in its 300 centers across the country.

The eighth wonder of the world ‘ the Karakoram Highway’ is built in Pakistan. It is constructed by tracing one of the many pathways of the silk road, making it an unbelievable site. It has a twisted path coming across miles of barren rocky mountains starting your face. There’s always a life hazard while crossing the highway.

The world’s second-highest mountain peak, K2, is located in Pakistan. It mainly lies in the Karakoram range, more particularly in Gilgit-Baltistan. Undoubtedly, k2 is far more difficult to climb due to its inclement weather and landscape.


These are only some of the achievements of Pakistan. However, their culture, food, and hospitality is the main reason why people love the country. It is a Muslim republic where people from different cultures, religions, and authenticity live together.

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