new technology in the world

new technology in the world

The world is advancing very swiftly, and we are experiencing the future earlier than expected. With this advancement, new technologies are also being introduced to the world to make it a better place. You may have seen how technology is making our lives easier and helping us to improve the environment. 

A single person can not control this advancement. Technology has improved immensely during the last half-century. Therefore, even if you do not like it, it will still grow. The people with the best brains are working to create innovative gadgets and software to change the lives of common people. 

The newly introduced technologies used to be in sci-fi books and movies one or two decades ago. This is how much we have developed in the last two decades. The working robot, mind-reading programs, hologram technology, artificially-generated images, bionic eye, and many more amazing technologies are already introduced. So here is a list of some of the new technology in the world.

Sand Batteries

It is one of the simplest yet most efficient futuristic technologies. The sand battery technology was invented by some engineers in Finland. They have converted the sand into gigantic batteries. 

The Finnish engineers collected 100 tons of sand and put it in a large container. Then wind and solar energy were used to heat the sand in the container. The sand is capable of storing energy for a longer time, and the engineer took advantage of this feature. They also partnered with energy companies to provide energy to homes nearby. This energy was to provide warmth to the locals. 

As the sand is a non-conductor, electricity is passed through it to generate heat. This energy is mainly generated due to friction.


You may think implanting a pig’s heart in a human is a disgusting idea. But doctors and surgeons suggest this is the best way to save a heart patient for now. And many of these surgeries are seeing quick progress. Two pig’s heart surgeries have been carried out to date. Out of these two, one patient died months after surgery, and the other is still alive, and doctors are monitoring him.

The basic definition of xenotransplantation is transplanting a cell, tissue, or organ of animals into humans. But it is not that simple. You can just take the human heart out and put the pig’s heart inside the body. For this surgery, you have to make some alterations in the genes. The heart should be able to be accepted by the immune system and genes of the patient. 

Although we are seeing some progress in this technology, these are pretty risky procedures. Even doctors do not recommend it to ordinary patients. But shortly, we will be able to carry out these surgeries regularly.

Sweat-powered Smartwatches

The Bendable Electronic and Sensing Technology group of the University of Glasgow has invented a sweat-powered smartwatch. They are using human sweat instead of electrolytes to power the batteries. According to the head of the group, the batteries are very inexpensive these days. But these batteries use materials that damage the environment. Sweat-powered smartwatches are environment-friendly and efficient.

The battery only needs 0.02 milliliters of sweat to be fully charged. It can work for almost five thousand cycles on a single charge. The battery is covered with a thin cloth. This cloth has a layer of polymer, and it is used to absorb sweat. The salts in the sweat break down into ions. These ions interact with the polymer to perform electrolysis. The energy is generated in this reaction and used to power the smartwatch. 

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