How To Reduce Dengue Fever Home Remedies

How To Reduce Dengue Fever Home Remedies

It is a mosquito-based illness that can cause mild to high fever and other flu-like symptoms. Even though the disease has no specific treatment but it can be cured by medicine and increased intake of fluids. However, sometimes dengue fever can be a lot painful. It can cause a rise in temperature, headache, rashes, and pains throughout the body.

But the patient starts to feel better within a couple of days. Moreover, it can be recovered within some weeks. The incubation period of fever ranges between 4 to 14 days and it can rise your body temperature from 40 F to 104 F. However, there are some remedies that you can follow at home to treat your dengue fever. 

Remedies to treat dengue fever

Some of us must have listen that turmeric and milk can soothe colds, and aloe vera can treat burns. All of these were home remedies that work like magic to organically solve our issues without taking artificial medicines. Like this, dengue fever is also an illness that can be treated by home care and following a few home remedies. Hence, here are some simple yet effective home remedies that you can follow in case you are in contact with the symptoms. 

More water intake

Dengue fever is most likely to cause dehydration. As excess sweating and excretion are quite common during the illness. Hence, you need to take plenty of water at intervals to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. This will also protect your body from unusual muscle cramps and headaches. Not only this it will also flush the toxin pathogens out of the body. 

Neem leaves

The neem leaves naturally are a medicine for many diseases. They have many medicinal benefits and are recommended as home remedies for many ailments. Moreover, neem leaves can also improve platelet and increases the red blood cell ratio in the body. Not only this, but it can also improve your immune system. 

Papaya juice

Papaya leaves juice is known as the natural cure for dengue fever. The papaya leaves are rich in vitamin C which boosts your immunity to fight the disease. Whereas, antioxidants reduce stress and flush all the toxins out of the body. Hence, you need to try this remedy first to fight the disease. 

Basil leaves

Basil leaves not only treats dengue fever but can strengthen your overall well-being. Apart from using in remedies, they are recommended to be included in your diet because of their miraculous health benefits. Chewing 5-6 basil leaves can improve your immunity and helps you fight dengue fever. They have natural oils with insecticidal properties that keep the mosquitoes at bay

Orange juice

Orange is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins that strengthen the immune system against dengue fever. It promotes the antibodies in the immune system. This results in increased urination hence more toxins are released from the body. Moreover, it can also repair the body cells as they are rich in vitamin C main component in creating collagen. 

Bottom line

Even though dengue fever is not fatal but its treatment is a must. Hence, whenever you feel symptoms of the illness in your body you immediately need to see a doctor and frequently check your palette. The mild symptoms of dengue fever are a rise in temperature, nausea, rashes, aches, and pains. These symptoms sometimes are confused with other diseases. Hence, you need to see a doctor to know the right cause of the illness. 

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