List of Food That Lower Blood Sugar

List of Food That Lower Blood Sugar

Food is the vital foundation of the human body. It fulfills all the basic nutrient requirements of the body. It gives us the energy to properly manage all functions of the body. 

However, sometimes a wrong diet can lead to several health issues. Our health is mainly dependent on our lifestyle and diet. And our unhealthy habits can cause us serious loss. 

Likewise, a poor diet can lead to blood cholesterol, obesity, tooth decay, and heart diseases, and can even cause severe heart problems. Hence, we should be conscious about our daily nutrition and maintain a balance in all activities to have a happy and healthy life. 

Still, the question here is what is blood cholesterol? and how it affects the body. Some tips to lower it. 

Reason for diabetes

Even though glucose provides the body with most of the energy required by the body. But too much intake can lead to severe health issues. It is the sugar that comes from the food. It is sometimes caused by poor diet, obesity, or lack of physical activity. 

Food That Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a normal problem today. Even though, there is massive care required to treat the disease but here is a list of food that can do wonders in lowering your blood sugar content. 

Non Starchy Vegetables

Non Starchy Vegetables are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that help to regulate your blood sugar level. They can fill you up for longer with an abundance of fiber but only a little trace of sugar. 

Leafy Greens

Compared to other vegetables, leafy greens have fewer digestion carbs but indeed a lot of nutrition. Hence, you can take as much leafy green as you want with worry about the sugar content. Moreover, they are also rich in specific antioxidants that help to improve your overall well-being. 

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is one of the healthiest components to include in your diet. It has a bundle of benefits. They have an enriched content of Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA that strengthen to heart to fight diabetes. Since the chance of heart stroke is double in diabetes, DHA and BPA can protect the blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and improve the function of arteries.

Nuts And Eggs

Another thing to include in the diet is eggs and nuts. While the nuts are high in fiber with low digestive carbs, the eggs are also a great source of fiber. Eggs can improve your insulin sensitivity, provides beneficiary antioxidants, and decreases inflammation. Hence, adding both nuts and eggs to your diet can help you resist and fight diabetes.


Seeds can also help control diabetes. The two most beneficiary seeds are chia seeds and flax seeds. Chia seeds are enriched in fiber, low in carbs, and have very low sugar content. Whereas, the flax seed can surprisingly also improve blood sugar control, reduces heart diseases, and strengthen the heart again stroke. 

Cinnamon And Tumeric

Sometimes spices can also be a great weapon in controlling diabetes. Cinnamon and turmeric have exemplary health benefits. Apparently, cinnamon can be added to any food or drink to enhance its flavor. Not only this, but it can also regulate blood sugar content, improves insulin sensitivity, and reduces hemoglobin A1c level. Where on the other hand, turmeric can ease inflammation, Controls blood sugar level, reduces the risk of heart disease, and improves kidney health. 


Diabetes can be caused due to several reasons such as obesity, family history, genetic mutation, and hormonal disease. But care is a must. Improving your diet is not the only solution to treat the disease. You need to see a doctor as soon as you confirm the symptoms. 

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